pr fileDear Linked to Life Family,

I want to share with you a special experience I just had. I had a problem that needed the input of some people in power. I had tried political connections. I had applied pressure. I had clicked ‘send’ on email after email  and made call after call and got… nowhere. It was an uphill battle with me on one side and everyone else seemingly an opponent. And it wasn’t even about myself. I was trying to obtain a benefit for an oncology patient, a small child from Beit Shemesh.

At long last, one of my emails was forwarded to Shuki L. who, in spite of his position, saw things from the same vantage point as I did.  Of course, he did. Shuki is a fellow Linked to Life member.

From that point, we communicated directly, as one ‘Link’ to another and everything will be taken care of, b’ezrat Hashem.

For the hundredth time I discovered that Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life is not just giving rides. It’s a way of thinking, it’s a philosophy, it’s an attitude that’s says, “Let’s make this work for the fellow Jew who is suffering.”

Thanks Shuki, thanks Meir and Elchanan, thank you to everyone who stands at the head of the biggest army of chessed in the world. The Ezer Mizion Linked to Life family! We have tremendous power! May we merit doing only good things with it!

helping-handsThe writer is a member of Linked to Life, an Ezer Mizion What’s App group. Screens light up all day long enabling emergency rides for those dealing with life’s crises, vital forgotten medication to be brought where needed, sometimes across the ocean. It’s a system based on the simple concept that fellow Jews are often traveling from here to there but unaware that someone else has an emergency need to also travel or send something vital from the same ‘here’ to the same ‘there’. They would be happy to help but usually find out about it days later if at all. Or perhaps it is a connection or a source of information that is critically needed like in the above letter.  While many are using What’s App for passing around jokes, Ezer Mizion has harnessed its power to create a WorldWide Web of chessed.

Ronit is another case in point. She is a very special human being who is suffering from cancer. And things do not look good. She has been under treatment using a highly expensive medication which no longer has an effect on her condition. While despair would be a normal human reaction, Ronit has discovered another pathway. Chessed. Through Linked to Life, the connection was made, all legalities were taken care of. The medication was cleared for allocation. Read all about it in her reply below. May she merit a speedy recovery in the merit of her selflessness.


Shalom Ezer Mizion!

Prescription bottles filled with colorful medicationsThank you for the update and for your kind wishes. I’m so happy that the medicines I sent were delivered and have arrived at their destination. I pray that the Creator should add to those medicines a complete and speedy recovery for the patients who receive them and for the entire Jewish people.

Thanks so much for your dedicated work. It is heartwarming and inspiring to know that there are amazing people like you who go to such lengths to help others. May you be blessed!

I also wanted to share with you the story behind these medicines. Unfortunately, these medicines no longer have an effect on me. The oncology doctor who is overseeing my care told us about a new treatment that has been proven to save lives and do wonders for the patients who receive it. It has been approved in the U.S. but is not covered by insurance.

The cost of treatment is $100,000, a staggering amount that unfortunately, we are unable to come up with at this time. I could have sold the medicines I have in my possession and begin collecting the amount I need for the new treatment. But I decided not to do that, and instead, to lovingly offer my remaining medicine to others who need it, so that G-d willing, they will recover.

I am hoping and praying that Hashem in His kindness will find the right way to help me, whether it is through this new treatment or by any other way He sees fit to cure me and endow me with a life of joy, growth, blessing, and giving.

I have a great deal of gratitude towards the Creator for the many kindnesses he has done and continues to do for me, and also towards the wonderful people like the Ezer Mizion staff and volunteers He sends into our lives at this trying period.

With all my blessings,

Thank you,


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