Hundreds of children in Brooklyn Lakewood and Five Towns went on a shopping spree with their parents for toys this past week. They spent tons of time choosing the perfect toy. What was going on? Lots of birthdays? Early Chanukah gifts?  Major sale?

It was none of the above.  The children walked up and down the aisles looking for the perfect gift—for a child in Eretz Yisroel. So many families were forced to evacuate their homes with little or no notice. They’re alone and frightened. The parents, traumatized themselves, find it so hard to ‘be there’ for their children.

Ezer Mizion held a toy drive this past week enabling the children in the US to extend their hands across the ocean to their counterparts living in fear in Eretz Yisroel. Many children expressed their solidarity in poignant letters to accompany the gift.    

Toy drive for victims of war in Israel

Imagine the joy in the eyes of the adults as the gift arrives from far, far away saying ‘we care about you.’ Imagine the squeals of delight from the children whose worlds had been turned upside down, now living without the comfort and security of the familiar. Imagine the smiles on the faces of wounded, hospitalized children, faces that haven’t smiled for days.

Hundreds of large boxes were filled with new toys and games. Hundreds of shouts of glee will reverberate throughout the land, wiping away tears and bringing hope.


Ezer Mizion is there when it hurts – in times of peace, in time of war – in so many ways.

Wounded by Hamas terrorists, he was unable to attend the funerals of his parents and close friend, all killed by Hamas terrorists until Ezer Mizion came to the rescue with an ambulance equipped for the disabled and trained medical personnel to oversee trip.


In the first days of the war, an IDF soldier battled the terrorists who murdered 2 members of his family. They also seriously wounded him and killed his IDF buddy. There he lay in a hospital bed, having lost so much. People close to him are no longer in this world and he doesn’t even have the comfort of being able to say goodbye. It was then that the angels at Ezer Mizion intervened. Their medical expertise, their top-of-the-line equipment, their professionalism and, most important of all, their caring won them the ok from hospital personnel to bring him to the funerals.

Wheelchair-bound mother being transported to airport with family during War in Israel


A wheelchair-bound mother was visiting Eretz Yisroel with her family for Sukos.  The logistics of the trip were difficult enough. And then came the war. Airline tickets were finally available and it was Ezer Mizion who transported her, with her family, safely to the airport. The ride was fueled by the warm, grateful accolades from the entire family.

Gaza border evacuee being taken to safety

Hundreds of the elderly and disabled were evacuated from the dangerous areas to safety by Ezer Mizion ambulances whose drivers risked their own lives to save others.

Refreshments for medical personnel and families of wounded during traumatic War in Israel

Ezer Mizion’s refreshments stands are located in hospitals around the country and offer drinks and snacks to harried hospital personnel and family members of the wounded.  The stand in Soroka Hospital was visited by Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman, Chief Rabbi of Migdal HaEmek who thanked the caring volunteers for their dedication and

blessed them.

And so we stand together, Jews throughout the world, praying for peace and more stable days ahead.