Transportation? It’s about getting from here to there, isn’t it? But at Ezer Mizion, it becomes something so much more. 

An Ezer Mizion ambulance driver engages his client in conversation and hears that the wife is hospitalized. “She’s so lonely,” he confides. “No problem. Instead of taking you home, I’ll bring you to visit her, wait until you’re done and then bring you home.”  The elderly man was so grateful but the sensitive driver could see that there was still something bothering him. “What is it? Tell me. Maybe I can help.” The man kept silent but the driver persisted.

“It’s nothing. Just that…just that…just that I want to bring her a gift. I have it all prepared at home.”

“That’s easy to fix. I’ll take you home. We’ll get the gift. Then I’ll bring you to the hospital and wait for you. Then we’ll go home.” An extra couple of hours tacked onto what is certainly a busy schedule but when someone really cares, the time means nothing.  

An Ezer Mizion driver is bringing a newly released cancer patient home to await the end. A casual comment about a scenic view resulted in an unscheduled stop to enjoy a favorite spot. A bit of sunshine amid the black cloud of life coming to an untimely culmination.

A regular Talmud study session with a client going for treatment. He didn’t want his wife to know about the disease and so he told her he was going out to learn. His driver suggested that they actually do so and treatment days became the highlight of his week.

And this week a little disabled boy wants desperately to attend his class Purim party. His woebegone face prompted his mother to call Ezer Mizion. Even though Ezer Mizion had already done so much, she knew she’d receive a friendly, caring response and, if all possible, her son would have his wish. She could almost see the smile on the face of the person who answered the phone. It seems as if I was doing them a favor by asking, she thought to herself. It was a go! Her son would attend together with his classmates. He’d be part of things like everyone else. But even she was not prepared for usually familiar sight of the ambulance that would take him from here to there.  She glanced inside and couldn’t help grinning. Her son’s face lit up with joy. Purim permeated the normally austere interior of the ambulance. It was everywhere. When there’s love and caring, no effort is too much. That is Ezer Mizion.