globeBeep! Urgent! Urgent! Urgent!

Sorry about the late hour!

Looking for a volunteer to deliver an envelope with an oncology patient’s lab samples from Israel to Milan, Italy, tomorrow morning!!

This is a real case of life and death!

We will bring the envelope to any point in Israel to the traveler. It will be picked up from any place in Milan.


Beep. Boruch Hashem. Thank you to staff and the five volunteers who linked together forming a human chain. Envelope delivered safely to Milan. Mission accomplished.


Beep. To fellow members of Ezer Mizion’s “Linked to Life” What’s App group, Bnei Brak:

Today I was privileged to take a mother and her daughter, an oncology patient, from Tel Hashomer medical center to Bnei Brak.

The mother sat in the back seat, her daughter in her arms, pale and absolutely exhausted.

I quote:

“We go for treatments almost every day.

So far, car-driving-man-city-46591018you’ve taken us more than 70 times!!!

I cannot begin to tell you what a huge chessed you are doing.

Taking Abba. Bringing home Imma.

Driving a volunteer to relieve us at our little girl’s bedside.

These are not simply messages rippling through What’s App.

For us, it’s lifesaving!

We would never be able to deal with the illness without your assistance and support!”

And then came the sentence that really broke me:

“There’s another girl on the ward from Bnei Brak who was sick a few years ago, and now, the disease came back, after she had recovered completely. The mother says all the time: Even though the second time around is supposed to be harder ­– thanks to ‘Linked to Life,’ it’s a lot easier for us than last time!”

I try to keep driving, but suddenly I feel a tear rolling down my cheek.

How blessed are we all – members of Ezer Mizion’s ‘Linked to Life’ groups.


Click. Click. Beep. Beep. Twenty four hours.  Around the globe. Jews helping other Jews via Ezer Mizion.


Prescription bottles filled with colorful medicationsBeep.Beep.Vacation time. Family having a good time at Benei Re’em until one child stricken with asthma attack. Needs Tenzol to restore and regulate breathing. One Linked to Life member has access to  child’s prescription. Another picks up med from first on his way to Benei Re’em… Child breathing normally. Family breathing normally. Back to vacation mode and looking forward to milking the cows at illustrious Benei Re’em.

Beep. I’m the daughter of that cancer patient for whom transport was just requested. Of course, I want to be there for my mother but I am the mother of six children and I work full time. My mother has been ill for almost two years now. The diagnosis was discovered the day after my baby’s bris.

After a year of exhausting trips and draining night shifts, I was privileged to become familiar with you, Linked to Life,

Until you came on the scene, my mother felt so uncomfortable already “imposing” on me, that once she “escaped” early in the morning, traveling in two stuffy buses, all the while with an immunological contraption on her face!!

On her last trip, she became infected and was hospitalized. This morning, she was releacell-phonesed, and she didn’t let me know until almost the last minute. She knew one of my kids was sick at home and didn’t want me to feel any pressure. I panicked. I pictured her alone. Then I remembered Linked to Life. Is a Jew ever alone?  Chezky at Linked to Life arranged for a pleasant, sensitive young woman to deliver her directly to her door. May he and all of the What’s App group be blessed!

Sorry this is so long, but I’m so grateful for all your care that I  couldn’t restrain myself…



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