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A day of memories for 2 holocaust survivors

They’re locked in their own world, unable to express themselves. Unable to benefit from daily communication with those around them, their ability to look upon themselves as individuals begins to fade and slowly dissipates. Their unique personalities become only a memory in the minds of those who knew them well. 

Yaakov and Dora are two elderly holocaust survivors residing in the same nursing home. Each has a caring daughter who visits frequently but the visit consists of discussion with the nurses about their parent’s condition, perhaps a one-sided conversation accompanied by a song or a caress with the parent whose persona had so strongly shaped their younger years but now…seemed blank. Each daughter recalls how her parent had loved the seaside. The awesome power of the waves. The vastness of the sea and sky. Maybe they could still enjoy it…Maybe it will awaken a sense of self. But how?

That’s when Ezer Mizion was contacted. With its fleet of ambulances for the mobility impaired, the trip soon became a reality. A wheelchair accessible beach was located in Herzliya and, accompanied by their daughters, Yaakov and Dora left the four walls of the senior citizens’ home for the first time in oh so long.  After a long stretch at the beach, they were brought to the lobby of the Daniel Hotel for a delicious meal. Did they enjoy their day? We’ll let Dora tell you.  Dora?!  Dora doesn’t speak! Well, after this absolutely super-fantastic heavenly day, Dora, who doesn’t speak, movingly uttered the words, “Why home…?”

The two daughters were so grateful to Ezer Mizion. One even offered her services to accompany other seniors on trips. And the Ezer Mizion drivers? They were also extremely grateful for the opportunity to bring such happiness to those who had suffered so much in their youth.

Travel by ambulance is often the only option for a person confined to a wheelchair or a bed. Regular treatments or therapy require the patient to travel to the clinic and incur astronomical expenses on a weekly basis. Israel’s health insurance funds cover transportation costs only for specific types of treatments – and even then, only up to 50% of the cost will be refunded. Ezer Mizion offers comfortable ambulance transport to destinations throughout the country – at no charge. The Ezer Mizion Ambulance and Transport Division was established to allow these people to transcend their physical challenges and get from one place to another safely, comfortably and with dignity. Ezer Mizion’s ambulance drivers are certified emergency medical technicians. In addition to their excellent skills, Ezer Mizion ambulance drivers are caring, and courteous people who are sensitive to the needs and feelings of the people they transport. The drivers assist their passengers into and out of their homes, often carrying them up and down stairs to upper-story apartments in buildings without elevators. Ezer Mizion’s Ambulance Fleet offers transportation for the mobility and respiratory impaired to enable them to go for therapy, treatments, dialysis and physical exams at the clinic. However, a small amount of slots are reserved for ‘dreams’ because even the elderly have dreams.

Ezer Mizion provides services to over 660,000 of Israel’s population annually in addition to its Bone Marrow Registry which saves the lives of Jewish cancer patients the world over.