pr amb hi res IMG_6381Yisroel Dov was four years old. While his peers were making vroom-vroom noises as they sent their trucks across the living room floor, Yisroel Dov was bravely fighting a battle that no four-year-old should know of. Leukemia. The courageous little boy endeared himself to the Ezer Mizion staff as they provided varied means of support for him and his family. A well-furnished suite was made available to minimize traveling to treatment centers, therapeutic play included Story Hour, Sand Play and even a Petting Zoo. Trips to lift the family’s spirits, rides to the hospital to ease their burden, hot, delicious meals at the hospital bedside and so much more. Now the staff wished to do something special for the little boy whom everyone loved. “What would you like?” they asked. The answer from someone so young surprised them. “ A brocha (blessing) from a tzaddik. From Rav David Abuhatzeira.”

If that is what he wanted, well then, a brocha it would be. Wheels began to turn. Ezer Mizion’s Transportaiton Division brings the ill and disabled to clinic appointment and therapy or dialysis centers. A small number of slots are reserved for ‘Dreams’. With some it may be a visit to an equally disabled  sister whom she has not met with in years, for others a visit to the kosel or an hour at a lovely, scenic spot. For Yisroel Dov and his parents it was a visit to Reb Dovid, an opportunity to offer heartfelt t’filos  at Meron with the day topped off with dinner at a restaurant.

And so the plans began. On Ezer Mizion’s side, a properly equipped vehicle was needed plus a driver and paramedic knowledgeable and experienced in this field. On Yisroel Dov’s side it was what he would say to the tzaddik (if he’s not too shy) and what he would order at the restaurant.

The logistics were challenging but one look at his sweet face gave all those involved the impetus to continue on. Phone calls. Emails. Frustrations. Re-assessments. And then success! Yisroel Dov would have his wish.

It was a dream day for both Yisroel Dov and his parents. They were overjoyed. Each one of you, our friends and supporters, has a hand in bringing this uplifting happiness to a family that has undergone so much. The thank you note received belongs to each one of you.

First of all, I want to thank Hashem for bringing us to this day, and to give a huge “thank you” to Ezer Mizion for arranging and funding it all and to the Ezer Mizion Haifa branch and its special director Moshe Beeri, the special person who organized everything. Thanks so much! You are an amazing person!!!

Thank you to the Ezer Mizion ambulance driver who took responsibility for us for the entire trip and to the paramedic who kept a close eye on Yisrael Dov during the whole journey – a tremendous effort!!!

A great big thank you to the tzaddik Rabbi David Abuhatzeira for his outpouring of berachot and for his warm words and prayers.

And, most of all,  thank You to our dear Abba in shomayim (heaven), for enabling us to get to the gravesite of the great tzaddik Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai in Meron and speaking to You from that holy place.

And besides all that,  I want to give a special thank you to the owner of the restaurant at the Meron junction where we had a delicious meal, to express appreciation for the tasty food he prepared. When we wanted to pay him for the meal, he said, “No need, you should just be well and healthy.”

And again, thank you so much, Abba in Heaven for all that You do to ease our plight, especially sending us your messengers from Ezer Mizion. Our love for You has no end.