Mental Health Services

Ezer Mizion in Israel offers a variety of psychological support services and rehabilitative programs for people suffering from psychological disorders, emotional issues and mental illnesses. These services include:

A Big Brother/Sister Program

in Israel that pairs individuals suffering from mental illnesses with trained mentors who provide companionship, offer assistance with basic daily function, and teach the skills necessary for independent living.

Rehabilitative employment centres

 in Israel that provide mentally handicapped people with basic vocational training and employment, and ease their integration into free market employment.

A network of psychiatrists and psychologists

 throughout Israel who provide their services at a discount to patients referred by Ezer Mizion.

A psychological referral team

 in Israel that recommends appropriate psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors to people grappling with emotional disturbances, mental health issues or difficult relationships.

A 24-hour crisis hotline

 in Israel for non-medical emergencies, including mental health crises such as suicide attempts or severe manic episodes.

The Ezer Mizion Mental Health Rehabilitation Department in Israel works closely with the Israeli National Insurance Institute, the Ministry of Health, and welfare bureaus throughout Israel. All of the Rehabilitation Department’s programs are funded in part by the Ministry of Health.