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As of May 1, 2013:

668,552 potential stem cell donors listed in Ezer Mizion’s Registry.
236,955 recruits tested, joining the Registry as part of their IDF induction.
5,533 complete donor-patient matches since our inception. 
1,264 lifesaving ste
m cell transplants for patients around the world – 
97 of them since the beginning of 2013.

In April 2013:  
complete donor-patient matches and – a record breaking
lifesaving transplants, with 14 from the following Personalized Donor Pools

Ira & Ingeborg Rennert Donor Pool – 3 lives saved
George & Pamela Rohr Donor Pool in memory of Charlotte Rohr
Iranian American Jewish Federation Donor Pool
Damaghi Family Donor Pool
Lewis Family Donor Pool
Tuvia Theo Blum Donor Pool
Lloyd Gerard Rayne Foundation Donor Pool

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Maurice & Vivien
ne Wohl Philanthropic Foundation Donor Pool
Nissan & Judith Lewy Donor Pool
Judah Rapaport Donor Pool
David & Judy Hager Donor Pool
Alan Cohen Donor Pool