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Dear Ezer Mizion administration,
My name is Chana and for the last few months, I participated in the support group for mothers of children with ASD.
First of all, I want to thank you for the amazing support group you organized for us.
Ms. Tichyeh Posen and Ms. Miriam Sarfaty are two angels in the guise of humans. The understanding, attention, empathy, caring, information, professionalism, and feeling of “togetherness” that they projected is a great and powerful thing, truly one of a kind. They really did it in the absolutely best way possible.
We had sessions that were special, moving, breathtaking, elevating, packed with practical tools. Some sessions were sad… but all were very good and empowering. And every one of them was too short and finished too quickly… Please, if it is at all possible, I beg of you to organize for us a follow-up course with the group that started off together, because we have a lot more to learn and to hear from Ms. Posen and Ms. Sarfaty and we really need them.
I would like to add a special note of thanks to Orit, the devoted secretary, for her determination and dedication in passing on the messages to each one of us, without forgetting or missing anyone.
Thanking you in advance,