A Letter Meant for You, Our Friends and Supporters

Ashdod Bakotarot – Letters to the Editor

Thank You Ezer Mizion – People of Chessed
On several occasions, I have had the opportunity to benefit from the services of Rabbi Zevulun Baruchi shlita, director of Ezer Mizion’s transport services for rides to hospitals. Anything I could write would not portray the full dimension of my appreciation and the extent of my admiration for him and the special work that he and all the people at Ezer Mizion do.
One call about the need for a ride and Zevulun immediately rallies to the cause, doing above and beyond anything expected of him, all hours of the day. [A big pat on the back to the volunteer drivers in this Ezer Mizion’s network, too – may there be many more like you!]
One time, when I called, I mentioned that there are some parents in the hospital who are so worried about their sick children that they don’t eat a thing. And Zevulun, with his huge heart, responded immediately, and without thinking, said: “Don’t worry. I’ll make sure to pamper them with the best food there is.” Continue reading A Letter Meant for You, Our Friends and Supporters


An Evening of Appreciation

A special, moving evening was held to salute hundreds of Ezer Mizion drivers and volunteers, with the collaboration of the Modi’in Ilit region Maccabi Health services. Hagaon Rabbi M. Kessler shlita, Rav of Modi’in Ilit, Rabbi Chananya Chollak, International Chairman of Ezer Mizion, Mayor Rabbi Yaakov Guterman, and Rabbi Yaakov Lapidus, Director of the Ezer Mizion branch in the city, participated in the evening and addressed the audience. Many other public figures were present as well. Continue reading An Evening of Appreciation


Thank You!

“Shalom Ezer Mizion!

“I wanted to express my deepest and most sincere thanks to Yechiel, an ambulance driver for your organization in the Holon/Bat-Yam region. Yechiel, in spite of the draining work, always greets my mother with a smile and with endless patience. He looks out for the welfare of his passengers, is caring and attentive, and showers them with blessings that are worth far more than just another word. Continue reading Thank You!


I Majored in Survival

While his friends are busy with their matriculation exams, 16-year-old Leor Gershon wakes up every morning in Ichilov hospital to a lesson on survival, as he fights the cancer that is ravaging his body. pr amb Leor school visit 1722_ne_photo_stories1_f7010

A year and a half ago, Leor, a sports champion, was diagnosed with cancer. Since then, he has been undergoing grueling treatments and the doctors had to amputate his leg. Continue reading I Majored in Survival


I’ll Pay You Back, I Promise!

I used to be normal. Just a regular guy with a wife and kids. Helping out with the shopr amb Yoram promise of payback 1174986_236652446487699_1470146364_npping, a family trip to the park to play ball—these were everyday events, hardly a blip on my radar screen. Then everything changed. At the age of 34, I discovered I had M.S.  Like a thief in the night, the M.S. stole my happiness. I went from a healthy adult who can walk on his own feet to a cripple in a wheelchair.  A cripple who cannot do anything for himself. Continue reading I’ll Pay You Back, I Promise!


Countless Kindnesses

o Yaakov and Ariel,Who carry the responsibility of the passengers and drivers on their shoulders,

Who open the door to every request, and help out each one in the best possible way.

To the devoted driver,

Who loyally holds the steering wheel,

His tires churning out countless kindnesses in all kinds of places. Continue reading Countless Kindnesses



Dear Ezer Mizion Ambulance Team,

“…The wheels of time speed down the highway of life, dashing forward as in a hurtling race down the broad lanes,

Passing the various interchanges, crossing busy intersections.

Only on occasion, when something gets caught in the wheels… Continue reading Wheels


Three Trains

There are some things that you hear a lot about, but do not really grasp until you encounter them in real life. Only then do you suddenly truly understand all that you heard or saw on the subject, and realize that – until now – you really had no idea what it was all about.

That’s what happened to me recently when, for various medical reasons, I had to travel from my home to the hospital, back and forth, repeatedly. When I attempted to use public transportation, I learned that I would have to take three different buses in order to reach my destination. Continue reading Three Trains