What’s App?

Instant messaging on smartphones can be used for many things. In the Ezer Mizion Family, it is used to see how we can help? Does someone have a problem? Is help needed here? There? Are you in the area? Does your schedule allow you to make a detour? Do you have the equipment/expertise to be of assistance?cell-phone

Information is conveyed instantly and help is on its way. Like Itzik Yitzchaki – Director of Hadera Municipality Workers’ Committee. He was on his way to work, already at the entrance to his office when his phone beeped. About face. Back in the car. There was a mitzvah waiting for him…a great way to start the day.

A ‘family member’ had been also driving to work when his car got stuck in the sand dunes a the city’s edge. When he saw that his own efforts will not work, he didn’t panic. He knew he wasn’t alone. A couple of clicks and he knew help would be on its way. And it was. It didn’t matter if Itzik knew the person. What difference does that make? We’re all brothers. Mission accomplished. Itzik’s day was already a success and he hadn’t even made it to his office yet.


From a Volunteer’s Vantage Point

Yerucham Turner, a volunteer at the Ezer Mizion’s Elad branch, tells the public about the Elad branch’s marked expansion this year and about the tremendous work being quietly done here in the city every day.
pr general helping hand 2About a year ago, a moving article appeared in an Elad publication asking for local volunteers to join Ezer Mizion. The article spoke to me and, without hesitation, I knew I wanted to be part of this. Something unique began to grow in our city…quietly…unobtrusively… out of the spotlight.
And so, I joined, at first, as a volunteer driver to transport patients to and from the hospital. Continue reading From a Volunteer’s Vantage Point


Volunteering in the Community On Behalf of Holocaust Survivors

Seeking dedicated volunteers for a unique support program for Holocaust survivors!
The program includes training sessions led by professionals in the field, on the following topics:
 Familiarity with the topic of old age,
 Familiarity with the area of Holocaust survivors
 Health promotion support
 Social support, and more
At the conclusion of the training sessions, we will link up each volunteer with a Holocaust survivor. Guidance, support, and accompaniment will be provided to the volunteers throughout the stages of the program by a social worker and other professionals.
If you are interested in joining this unique volunteering opportunity, call Ayala or Orit as soon as possible and you will be invited to an explanatory evening.
For details, call:
Ayala Feldman MSW, program coordinator, 054-6305755
Orit, Geriatric Services Division – 073-3956811


I Already Volunteer, How about You?

Hashikmah Lemehadrin

July 16, 2014


Chessed by the Way, on the Way

I wanted to tell you about an amazing project I am a part of: Across the country, there are more than 50 Ezer Mizion “What’s Up” groups, in which car owners are asked to offer their volunteer assistance in transport services, giving people a lift to hospitals around the country (when they are anyway on the way out of the city or back to the city, offering them an unusual, “no-sweat” chessed opportunity). There are already some 1500 volunteer members in these groups, who are privileged to help dozens of people every day, at the average count of 500 cases a week!!!

In these groups, exchanges are carried out for this purpose alone, without any idle chatter, all in order to maintain the momentum and attract more chessed-seeking drivers who want to offer their help without unwanted interruptions.

To join a group in the Ayalon region, send a message to Yehuda Mizrachi 054-817-7253.


Ezer Mizion around the Clock for the South and Hospitalized Patients

Yated Neeman – Ohalei Chessed
Aug. 3, 2014
By: Yechiel Sever

*Hundreds of volunteers arrange hospitality for families in Central Israel, with hot meals and programs for the children * Unabated efforts on behalf of special-needs children in the South * “Talk Line” – for emotional support following war trauma * Refreshment stalls for the wounded and their families in the hospitals * All this while operating four annual summer retreats for patients and their families * “The world is built on kindness” Continue reading Ezer Mizion around the Clock for the South and Hospitalized Patients


The Oldest Volunteer

Yarok Ba’Kefar
By: Tomer Keren
Binyamin’s Mission
91-year old Binyamin Zusman, a man with personal charm and a lust for life – an Ezer Mizion hospital volunteer in the dialysis and oncology wards
If you had occapr volunteer-oldest 6 14sion to visit the dialysis and oncology wards at Meir Hospital in Kefar Saba sometime in the last ten years, chances are that you’ve met Binyamin Zusman.
You would not have passed him by without noticing. Continue reading The Oldest Volunteer


Volunteers Fill in as Hadassah Hospital Strikes

Ezer Mizion’s volunteer network will step up activity in all the wards  Additional manpower desperately needed to meet patients’ needs.

By Y. Sheinfeld

Due to the slowdown to “Shabbat mode” at the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, the volunteer network is compelled to step up activity in all the hospital wards.pr volunteer hospital 2 14 IMG_0787

The Jerusalem branch of Ezer Mizion dispatches more than sixty volunteers each day to the five major Jerusalem hospitals. Continue reading Volunteers Fill in as Hadassah Hospital Strikes


A Healthy Partnership

For the first time in the history of medical and chessed services in Israel, a multifaceted, broad-range collaboration was announced between the biggest medical entity in the country – Klalit Medical Services – and the biggest chessed entity in the country – Ezer Mizion.

By: Hilah Palach, Yom L’yom

Last week a meeting took place between representatives of two entities, with many people in atpr bldgtendance. The meeting represented an unprecedented event in the world of medicine and the world of chessed. It was one of those groundbreaking events that make people ask themselves, “Why didn’t we think of this earlier?” Continue reading A Healthy Partnership


Salute to an Outstanding Volunteer!

An honorary ceremony recently took place at the Ichilov hospital saluting the hundreds of volunteers who give selflessly of their time and energy on behalf of the patients hospitalized at Ichilov. At the event, special certificates of honor were awarded to three volunteers in recognition of their outstanding dedication and extraordinary effort on behalf of the patients.

One of tpr general hel;ioong hand in darkhe volunteers awarded a special certificate was Devorah Smutney, a veteran Ezer Mizion volunteer at the hospital. Continue reading Salute to an Outstanding Volunteer!


A Reprint from Hamodia, Israel

Hamodia, Israel – September 2013 Section 2  


The Chessed Doers

Sharing the Burden

A glimpse at Ezer Mizion’s world of chessed. Volunteering with all their heart, with dedication and consistence

Serious illnesses, trying situations — There are those who immediately step forward, the minute they hear about such things * They are called Ezer Mizion and anything connected to illness and coping with it is their department * Ezer Mizion is the address for patients and their families * They stretch out a hand, ease the pain, calm the fears, and provide assistance, enveloping everyone coping with medical challenge in a soft blanket of ahavat Yisrael * Avinu malkeinu, our Father, our King, send a full recovery to the ill of your people!

By S. Yaakovson

Thousands of people, each one with his own story. Each individual is a world in himself, each family — a complex system that enters a difficult and painful period. Continue reading A Reprint from Hamodia, Israel