Relay Race a’ la What’s App

cell-phone-300x300You could feel his desperation over cyberspace. Avi* posts in facebook hoping that somehow someone, the right person, would pick up his post. It was a longshot and he knew it but he couldn’t give up. He just couldn’t. He writes that he is a 4th time corneal transplant recipient. “I need your urgent help! I am currently in California. On my flight on the way here from Israel, my two eye medications to prevent rejection of the implant leaked. I brought an extra set with me, but the drops are almost running out. My sister purchased the medications for me in Israel but is having trouble getting them to me. Do you have a connection with anyone coming from Israel to Los Angeles or San Diego in the next three days? I can’t get this medication here. Please help me!”

Everyone who viewed the posting felt bad for Avi but what can they do? It may be a small world but not that small. From Israel to California??? Within the next couple of days?! One viewer had an idea. He vaguely remembered an organization in Israel called Ezer Mizion that had set up a What’s App group called Linked to Life. Maybe. Can’t hurt to try.  With 6.500 volunteers all over the world, things started buzzing.

CAL [CI] チャイナエアラインThis urgent request was forwarded to Elchanan, at the Linked to Life Calling Center. First step was to confirm that the medication has all the necessary transit approvals. With the ok in hand, it was all systems go. Messages appeared on hundreds of screens. Like a relay race, the medication was picked up from the sister’s home and eventually brought to someone who was flying out to NY that day. Now how to get it from NY to California? More screens buzzed on the US side.  It wasn’t long before a response came in from someone who was flying from NY to LA that night. Mission accomplished in less than 24 hours!!!

Still reeling from the speed at which his request was filled, Avi responded:

A few minutes ago, I came back from a house in Los Angeles, where I picked up the medications that arrived for me from Israel.

I had posted the request and some of you passed it on until it reached Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life network. As a result, I arrived at this moving moment where I have in my hand the medicine that is so important to me.

So, a grehelping-handsat big thanks to Elchanan Levine, head of Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life Calling Center, who put the  volunteers into action.

Thank you to Gilad who suggested that I contact Linked to Life. You’re a terrific friend!

Thanks to my beloved sister Yael, who got a hold of the prescription and purchased the medications.

Thank you to all the friends who passed on the post and to those who tried to help by responding to the post and otherwise. You warmed my heart!

When I get back to Israel, I am planning to become a volunteer for Linked to Life, and pass on this kindness further!


The beauty of the idea behind Linked to Life is that people are going anyways. With a tiny bit of effort, they can help out another Jew. But it doesn’t always work that way.

car-driving-man-city-46591018Listen to this story from Moishe Hillel, dispatcher in Jerusalem: this morning a request came in to pick up a disabled boy’s crutches from Jerusalem, take it to Tel Aviv for repair and pick it up at four, bringing it back in time for him to walk to his learning program tonight. Easy. I had the two volunteers within minutes. Both felt good that they could help him out. His crutches are full-body. Without them he cannot walk at all. At three o’clock, another call came in to pick up some urgent medical tests from a hospital in Tel Aviv and bring them to Jerusalem. Simple, I thought. The volunteer slated to take the crutches would take both items. Not so simple. He texted me that he wouldn’t have enough time to pick up both items. Perhaps I could have someone else pick up the tests and meet him further down the highway. Minutes were ticking by. It was getting close to four. What do you do when you you’re stuck with something that has to be picked up in Tel Aviv? You call Naftali Rubinstein, of course. A great guy and a Linked to Life member.  It wasn’t long before he buzzed me: it’s all set. I have a volunteer to pick up the tests from the hospital. He’ll bring them to Jerusalem. I found that pretty amazing- that Naftali was able to find someone so fast who was going just then to Jerusalem. I was wrong. I thought I knew Naftali but I guess I didn’t know him well enough.  He had made a few tries. Saw it wasn’t going.  Dropped what he was doing and ran. Himself. Two hours each way. In the heat. We’re very fortunate that these are our colleagues in Linked to Life.

Do you live in the US and would like to join Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life? SMS: 011 972 52 580 8936

For further info: 718 853 8400     5225 New Utrecht Ave Bk NY 11219




Crossing the Ocean to Save a Finger

cell-phoneA sweet little boy in Ramat Hagolan at play. Fun. Laughter. Shouts of childish joy. Then… an unearthly scream! Ambulance! Siren! A race to the ER with a finger severed from his little hand.

Staff got to work immediately while his parents paced outside in the waiting room, praying that their son would not have to grow up handicapped. Continue reading Crossing the Ocean to Save a Finger


A Letter That Belongs To You, Our Dear Friends and Supporters

pr file

The following was received from a family who benefited from Ezer Mizion’s worldwide What’s App program:

We aren’t used to being on the receiving end. It’s a lot more pleasant for us to always be on the side of the giver, who gives of himself and perhaps even feels a bit of pride that things worked out thanks to him…


But this time, when we were compelled to be on the side of the needy and the receiver, it turned out to be a very moving and important experience. We witnessed the broad-scoped response of people with a giant heart and boundless good will. We saw an unbelievably powerful well-oiled machine that is capable of moving, reaching, and propelling forward.


And we encountered many, many good souls whose sole interest is to do chessed with someone they don’t even know and who cannot even fathom how critical their deed is for that person. We were deeply moved to see the Jewish nation at its best – doing kindness out of true, unconditional love.


All praise to you, the Jewish people!!



What’s App

pr whats app  Bas Mitzvah cakeMarch 7, 2016, 10:09 AM, Rivi Linked for Life, Jerusalem

Dear Friends!

12 year old girl, daughter of a cancer patient, is celebrating her bat mitzvah. Truth is that her 12th birthday was several months ago. Because of her father’s serious condition, the party the family had planned was cancelled. We want to pamper her with a nice cake. Who can do a cake for tomorrow?


March 7, 2016, 10:11 AM Nechama Berent

Me. Continue reading What’s App


What’s App by Kobi Arieli

What does the term “What’s App Group” mean to you?
Connection with the family, unfunny jokes from the cousin who thinks he’s smart, cute pictures of kids lying under the table or standing on the table, popular videos streaming in from 12 different senders, somebody has a good plumber in Ohr Yehudah, Tzachi Hanegbi wearing a shtreimel, a photo-montage by Miri Regev, Ma-a-a-zel T-o-o-ov! – In short, a few pieces of good news and mostly – unabated annoyances.
For Ezer Mizion’s chessed industry, the What’s App application is a revolutionary work tool.
A few weeks ago, Motty got on a plane in Brussels on his way to Israel. Motty is a fellow in his 60’s, an employee who works for a bank. He was on his way to Israel to spend the summer vacation with his grandchildren. Continue reading What’s App by Kobi Arieli


What’s App?

Instant messaging on smartphones can be used for many things. In the Ezer Mizion Family, it is used to see how we can help? Does someone have a problem? Is help needed here? There? Are you in the area? Does your schedule allow you to make a detour? Do you have the equipment/expertise to be of assistance?cell-phone

Information is conveyed instantly and help is on its way. Like Itzik Yitzchaki – Director of Hadera Municipality Workers’ Committee. He was on his way to work, already at the entrance to his office when his phone beeped. About face. Back in the car. There was a mitzvah waiting for him…a great way to start the day.

A ‘family member’ had been also driving to work when his car got stuck in the sand dunes a the city’s edge. When he saw that his own efforts will not work, he didn’t panic. He knew he wasn’t alone. A couple of clicks and he knew help would be on its way. And it was. It didn’t matter if Itzik knew the person. What difference does that make? We’re all brothers. Mission accomplished. Itzik’s day was already a success and he hadn’t even made it to his office yet.