Personality Disorders

A special lecture introducing the subject of “Personality Disorders” was hosted as part of a series on mental health issues coordinated by Ezer Mizion’s Mental Health Family Counseling Center that serves families with a mentally ill mental illness flower MB900445658 Co-sponsors of the series together with Ezer Mizion are Pa’amonei Tikvah and the Bnei Brak municipality. Continue reading Personality Disorders


Who Are You?

Over the last two years, Pini Doron had plenty of time to think about the anonymous donor whose bone marrow donation saved his life.

pr bmr pini doron 2013 1548_ne_photo_stories1_7be86Last week, the two were finally able to meet, and Pini and his family had the chance to personally thank Elad Levi, 35, from Tel-Aviv, the man who – with minimal effort – was privileged to give life to a husband, father, and grandfather Pini Doron. Continue reading Who Are You?


“Laughing Drums” for Purim

British Café Club seniors were treated to a special aerobic activity that was both enjoyable and provided a positive release. The unique activity, “Laughing Drums,” combined laughing yoga with “Drums Alive.”pr golden aerobics 2013 1550_ne_photo_stories1_22075 Under the direction of Tzippy Dagan, the amused participants let out their energy on huge rubber balls. Continue reading “Laughing Drums” for Purim


Help Save Rinat Mordo

Residents of Ramleh and nearby areas are invited to take part in a special bone marrow donation drive to save the life of Rinat Mordo, a ninth grader at Idanim High School in Ramleh who has leukemia.

Ezer Mizion’s Bone Marrow Donor Registry is coordinating a donor recruitment drive in an attempt to find a matching stem cell bmr Rinat Mordo 1545_ne_photo_stories1_0a9ea The bone marrow drive will take place on Wednesday Feb. 20th at the Art School in Kiryat Ha’umanim, 31 Uzi Chitman St., Ramleh, between 5 and 8 PM. All you need to join is to give a simple saliva sample, at no cost.

This is the third year that Rinat Mordo has been battling with blood cancer. Continue reading Help Save Rinat Mordo


Straight from the Heart

Pure and simple. Straight from the heart. Ten year old David reached for his bag eagerly. It was only a simple cellophane bag, empty at that, but it was important to him. It was his means of giving and David had already learned the joy of bringing happiness to another. “Sure I’m looking forward to a lot of nosh this Purim but this is Purim girl w balloons In a way, it’s more fun than getting a bagful of goodies. I don’t know how to explain it but you know what I mean, don’t you?” Continue reading Straight from the Heart


Like Magic Wand

To the wonderful volunteers of Ezer Mizion,

It is so fantastic that when a person is in distress, there are wonderful people who understand him, understand his needs

and his difficulties, and care about him. . . .

When the family members of a sick person are running around, confused, in pain, and worried, they totally ignore their daily needs.  Continue reading Like Magic Wand


Tu B’Shevat Blossoms in the Hospital, Too!

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In honor of Tu B’Shevat, Ezer Mizion held a number of special parties in different hospital wards across the country.
True, the patients could not go outside to plant saplings. But instead, we brought the delights of nature right into the hospital ward!

In the pictures: A morning of fun and flowers at the Oncology Ward in Schneider’s Children’s Hospital.


A Snow Day?

Snow is a way of life for many people. Only a few inches? Ho hum.  But in Israel it is a momentous event with schools closing and roads closed for even a relativelypr ambulance snow 1- 2013 small amount of snow.


For children, it is the ultimate delight. Even parents join them in their frolicking.  But the disabled who has an important doctor’s appointment, the dialysis patient who is due at the clinic that day, the frail, elderly holocaust survivor who needs to see his physician today—they are helpless without the assistance of Ezer Mizion’s Ambulance Division. Continue reading A Snow Day?


Giving a Voice to Those who Cannot Speak: Touch Chat

Those that claim that technology has replaced normal conversation may have a valid claim.
Facebook has virtually replaced the homey kitchen chat. An email is so much more convenient than a phone call. pr phone MC900384154 (1)All that may be true but what if a mother of toddlers is incapable of that heart to heart talk in a neighbor’s kitchen. What if a more-than-average intelligent young man is incapable of doing more than sitting quietly during a family discussion. He has so many thoughts. So many opinions. And they just run around and around his head with no place to go. Why? Because he cannot speak. Continue reading Giving a Voice to Those who Cannot Speak: Touch Chat


A Taste of Life

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What do cooking and cancer have in common?

Not much but at Ezer Mizion, anything that will bring pleasure to those dealing with cancer is incorporated into its program. Continue reading A Taste of Life