A Shining Example

pr bmr Lieut Colonel Yossi CohenFor more than twenty years, Lieutenant Colonel Yossie Cohen has been involved in extensive military operational activity as, until recently, head of the General Staff’s Operations Brigade for the Southern Front. He was engaged in many a battle for his country and it was he who coined the names of operations “Protective Edge” and “Pillar of Defense.” Involved in life and death decisions, the few moments he had spent as a young man ten years before at the Ezer Mizion Registration Station, filling out a one-page form was certainly not in the forefront of his mind.   Continue reading A Shining Example


Two-Way Street

Lt. Eitan enters the ‘lion’s den’ in a highly courageous attempt to rescue Hadar Goldin OB’M. Fully aware of the dangers in traversing the infamous tunnel, he proceeds cautiously, hoping, praying. What he was not aware of is that he was accompanied by an angel- a malach created by the mitzvah of his family.
Lt. Eitan’s family are long-time friends and supporters of Ezer Mizion’s Initernational Jewish Bone Marrow Registry. They have set up what is called a Personalized Donor Pool. What is that?
Often a bone marrow transplant is the sole chance of survival for a cancer patient. To be successful, donor and recipient must be a DNA match. Ezer Mizion, the largest Jewish registry in the world, is still not large enough and, too often, no genetic match is found in time. Genetic testing is expensive and funding is urgently needed to enlarge the registry to enable virtually each request to be met before it’s too late.
Lt. Eitan’s family has undertaken to fund a large amount of tests for potential donors. Each month those who have done so are notified of any registrants that have donated their marrow. Each supporter looks forward to hearing the gratifying words: You have saved a life!
Shortly after Lt. Eitan’s famous trip down the tunnel, his father received this most rewarding call. He was overwhelmed. “I am certain that the merit of our saving a life helped to save our son’s life as he entered the tunnel in search of Hadar Goldin,” he responded emotionally.
We salute Lieutenant Eitan for his valor and determination and thank his family for partnering with us in our vital mission!



It was the time of Operation Protective Edge and I live in Ashdod. You know what that means. Not one moment is normal. A robe is hanging nearby as I bathe my son. No more fun with bubbles. Just in and out, racing to get him dressed before the next siren goes off. A bedtime story? Absurd. I would have to stop in the middle of a syllable several times. Instructions in a recipe to stir every five minutes seem like a joke except the situation is not humorous at all.

pr foodWe were safe, B’H. Not a scratch. But emotionally, I couldn’t handle it anymore so Continue reading Tension!


Special War Hot Line for Emergency Situation

As a service for residents of Modi’in Ilit and guests from the South, the local branch of Ezer Mizion began operating a telephone “Hot Line” that can be called 24 hours a day to obtain advice and guidance on topics relating to the emergency situation.
These days, many parents and educators are confronted by children’s fears and anxieties, as well as other responses stemming from the security situation. Not always do they know how to deal with these incidents – what is the right thing to do and how best to respond.
In response to this need, the local branch of Ezer Mizion opened an emergency telephone line which can be called twenty-four hours a day. The operators staffing the line are trained to give guidance, counsel, and support in areas that commonly arise as a result of the sensitive security situation. Generally, after speaking with them, the callers have a clearer idea of how best to conduct themselves and can cope better with the frightened child, hysterical teen, and so on.
Residents of the city, as well as out-of-town guests who are here temporarily due to the situation, are welcome to call at any time – 1-800-888-910 – and will receive an appropriate response to their questions.


Operation Protective Edge: A Summary

In response to “Project Protective Edge,” Ezer Mizion has reported to duty on behalf of residents of the South, ready to assist in every area we can.
Ezer Mizion’s many volunteers have been hard at work since the operation in Gaza began, doing everything possible to respond to the many requests for assistance pouring in and relieve the stress of residents of the South, as well as the wounded soldiers and their families and the hospitals’ staff:
• Providing hot meals and sandwiches for wounded soldiers and their families
• Assisting the medical staff at the hospitals
• Loan of medical and rehabilitative equipment to the wounded
• Hosting families from the South
• Hosting families of the wounded at the Oranit Cancer Patient Guest Home (while guests were away at camp)
• Transporting the elderly and mobility impaired from the South to cities in Central Israel
• Relief Center for shock victims
• Assistance to families with special-needs children
All this and more we have been doing, as always, out of a genuine sense of mission.
We hope and pray that peace and quiet will soon return to our land. Until then, we will continue working with all means at our disposal to be there for those who need us.



Ezer Mizion around the Clock for the South and Hospitalized Patients

Yated Neeman – Ohalei Chessed
Aug. 3, 2014
By: Yechiel Sever

*Hundreds of volunteers arrange hospitality for families in Central Israel, with hot meals and programs for the children * Unabated efforts on behalf of special-needs children in the South * “Talk Line” – for emotional support following war trauma * Refreshment stalls for the wounded and their families in the hospitals * All this while operating four annual summer retreats for patients and their families * “The world is built on kindness” Continue reading Ezer Mizion around the Clock for the South and Hospitalized Patients


Giving Spiritual Strength to the Soldiers

Mishpacha – News of the Chareidi Community
July 31, 2014
By: Michal Ish-Shalom

Project “Protective Edge” has turned into a unifying operation, drawing together all segments of the Israeli public. The chareidi population, organizations and individuals, have rallied in great numbers, more than ever before, to provide assistance to the soldiers and their families, in a show of unity at its best. some stories border on the miraculous. Continue reading Giving Spiritual Strength to the Soldiers


A Typical Scene at the Emergency Room

My 13-year-old daughter just wanted to be helpful and save me time when she took the new, razor-sharp kitchen knife and started chopping vegetables for me. But when the knife slipped, causing a deep gash in her finger, the minutes saved cost me a good few hours, as we ended up spending the morning at the Hadassah Hospital Emergency Room.pr food delivery IMG_0174

A hospital emergency room is a world in itself, as anyone who has experienced it can tell you: all kinds of people, all sorts of illness and injuries. And the ever-present smile of the Ezer Mizion volunteers deftly cutting through the heavy atmosphere.

The woman next to me looked so helpless and miserable. Continue reading A Typical Scene at the Emergency Room


Cancel? Absolutely Not!

The families were counting the days. Tension, trauma, terror colored their days ‘gloomy gray’. Living with cancer was draining, traumatizing.
But there was something to look forward to. Ezer Mizion’s Summer retreat for Families Battling Cancer was due to take place in a matter of days.
And then the war came. “They’ll probably cancel,” said many, once again falling under a heavy cloud of despondency.pr canc sup summer camp 2014 during Protective Edge 10468084_347151575437785_1388957888281614941_n
But they did not know Ezer Mizion. The organizers understood that these periodic retreats and fun days are the oxygen that lifts their spirits and gives them hope. Yes, Protective Edge will make things difficult. Yes, changes will have to be made to maintain security. But cancel? Continue reading Cancel? Absolutely Not!