The families were counting the days. Tension, trauma, terror colored their days ‘gloomy gray’. Living with cancer was draining, traumatizing.
But there was something to look forward to. Ezer Mizion’s Summer retreat for Families Battling Cancer was due to take place in a matter of days.
And then the war came. “They’ll probably cancel,” said many, once again falling under a heavy cloud of canc sup summer camp 2014 during Protective Edge 10468084_347151575437785_1388957888281614941_n
But they did not know Ezer Mizion. The organizers understood that these periodic retreats and fun days are the oxygen that lifts their spirits and gives them hope. Yes, Protective Edge will make things difficult. Yes, changes will have to be made to maintain security. But cancel? Absolutely not! As is well known to medical science, the spirit strengthens the body in its battle with illness. These families have been dreaming of the good times ahead. Just like chemotherapy continues, so will ‘dreamotherapy’ . And so plans continued to roll.
Camp opened. On schedule. Watch Eitan : “ I’m hoping for peace but if it doesn’t happen during camp, I’m not even going to listen for the sirens. I’m just gonna have fun!”
And what fun he had! One day there was a famous singer who pulled everyone onto the dance floor- kids, grownups, staff, toddlers and grandpas- all dancing together, their hearts filled with joy. Another day brought a jeep trip-600 participants- through the ‘wilds’ of Israel. Laughter and camaraderie filled each canc sup summer camp 2014 jeep trip
Balloon Day was one of the highlights. Hundreds of helium balloons were given out. Many wrote a prayer on theirs—for the cancer to be cured…for the soldiers to be safe…for no more scary needles. Then they watched in awe as hundreds of balloons were released to fly towards the sky, bearing their prayers to the heavens above.
Ezer Mizion Summer Camp for Families Battling Cancer: where each participant took home a ‘gift package’ of courage and faith.