Vice-Mayor Shares his Feelings

Korim Elad – Daat Kahal

March 28, 2014


Angels in the City!

I would like to share with you an experience I had about two weeks ago. In between all my myriad daily distractions, I was moved to discover that there are people who quietly, quietly do holy work deserving of praise – like the Ezer Mizion club for special children.

The club in our area has bepr special 2013 amusement park 1638_ne_photo_7efacen functioning for 4 years now as a leisure-time framework for 24 children with special needs who come there straight from school. Continue reading Vice-Mayor Shares his Feelings


Purim in Spite of CP

The Heichal Chanah Congregation hosted an especially lively Purim party for members of thpr spec CP matan Purim[party 2014 2e Matan Club for special needs teens and young adults, a project of the Ezer Mizion branch in Petach Tivkah. The party took place in the beit knesset courtyard with the active participation of the community’s families and children, who all danced together and made sure the event would be absolutely spec CP Matan Purim party 2014 1 Continue reading Purim in Spite of CP



A hearty thank you to Ezer Mizion. The typical parent cannot imagine what our life is like. Each day, each minute revolves around our special child. At times it’s a medical issue. At times it is practical-like providing for his needs when the other children are clamoring for theirs. And sometimes it is financial.

pr general helping hand saving from drowningThe expenses can be overwhelming. We were desperate. We applied to the National Insurance Institute to get a Disability Allotment for our son. We presented our case in detail, confident that we would receive help. But we were shocked when our case came back: DENIED. Continue reading Denied!


Ezer Mizion and Beit Izzy Shapiro Forum of Organizations to Promote Benefits for Special Needs’ Children and Youth

After concerted efforts exerted by the Beit Izzy Shapiro Forum of Organizations, with the active involvement of Techiya Posen, Director Ezer Mizion’s Advocacy Unit, an amendment to the law of Parental Work Absences was passed entitling parents of special children to additional paid sick days to care for a special needs child who is ill. Continue reading Ezer Mizion and Beit Izzy Shapiro Forum of Organizations to Promote Benefits for Special Needs’ Children and Youth