Because of You!

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As of May 1, 2013:

668,552 potential stem cell donors listed in Ezer Mizion’s Registry.
236,955 recruits tested, joining the Registry as part of their IDF induction.
5,533 complete donor-patient matches since our inception. 
1,264 lifesaving ste
m cell transplants for patients around the world – 
97 of them since the beginning of 2013.

In April 2013:  
complete donor-patient matches and – a record breaking
lifesaving transplants, with 14 from the following Personalized Donor PoolsContinue reading Because of You!


Of Little Engines and IDF Recruits

Some people fall and go on to conquer the world. Some people fall and just lie there. “What’s the use…I’ll never be successful at anything…”Sometimes Sharon felt he was one of the latter. He was challenged by a wide range of tough issues. He tried. He really did. His dream was to be a Border Patrol fighter. But his challenges, one by one, rose up and blocked his way. It was like playing Candyland, being close to the finish line and drawing the card that says ‘Go back 15 steps’.    Continue reading Of Little Engines and IDF Recruits


Of Cell Phones and Stem Cells

Perhaps it was the name they shared-stem cells and cell phones. Perhaps it was a sudden rush of love for his young daughter whose life had been in danger just a few short years ago. Perhaps it was his good character enabling him to retain a feeling of gratitude, even years later, combined with a strong desire to pay back. Perhaps it was all three which gave Yuval Kadosh the idea of using discarded cell phones to  help other cancer patients . Continue reading Of Cell Phones and Stem Cells


78% Bone Marrow Transplants from IDF Recruits

Ipr bmr registration 1466_ne_photo_0b6aen April 2013, Ezer Mizion’s International Bone Marrow Donor Registry

facilitated twenty-eight lifesaving transplants. In twenty two of these transplants (78%), the donor was an IDF recruit.

For the past seven years, the IDF has been collaborating with Ezer Mizion to save lives, with IDF soldiers joining the Registry as a routine step in their induction process. Continue reading 78% Bone Marrow Transplants from IDF Recruits


Gala Dinner in Israel Salutes Donors

pr bmr Israel dinner 2013 Rav Shteinman 1619_ne_photo_stories1_e524a“As those who are involved in chessed, the world exists in your merit,” so said Maran Rosh Hayeshiva Rav Aharon Y. L. Steinman shlit”a to the guests at a gala dinner at the Tel Aviv Hilton to benefit Ezer Mizion, one of Israel’s largest chessed organizations. Continue reading Gala Dinner in Israel Salutes Donors


4 Kids Speak about Life with Cancer

The Story of the Biggest Helping the Smallest

Bennie Koshinsky
Bennie Koshinsky

A frightening diagnosis, loss of hair, and the constant fear that the disease would return… four children who overcame cancer with the help of bone marrow transplants facilitated by Ezer Mizion and a very strong determination… Continue reading 4 Kids Speak about Life with Cancer



David was five. His parents had despaired of his reaching six… until a felpr bmr match Menashe Grunfeld & Marc Weinsteinlow Jew gave him a second chance at life. Mr.  A., who had never met David, donated his stem cells, thus saving the life of a Jewish child.

“You are his brother,” David’s father wept, as he hugged Mr. A. tightly. There was little else to say to the man whose bone marrow produces the blood in David’s veins. The moment was too poignant; too precious for words. But when words fall short, tears speak volumes. Continue reading Enough?


For Those Who LIke Numbers…

Great Start to 2013!
Great Start to 2013!

It’s the end of the 2012 fiscal year. Accounting time. How did we do?

Questions every business asks and Ezer Mizion is no different. Except in the ‘what’ that is tabulated. It’s not stocks or dollars that is counted but lives. Jewish lives. Continue reading For Those Who LIke Numbers…