The notes of Ezer Mizion’s Forever concert will echo in the hearts forever of all the women and girls who attended the performance at Brooklyn College or Monsey’s Rockland County Theater.concert 2012 Forever So many who attended the afternoon Monsey performance purchased tickets to the evening show so that they may share an exceptional experience with relatives and friends.concert 2012 ForeverBracha Jaffe was at her best, creating an atmosphere of togetherness and joy. Cast and audience became one as Bracha reached into the depths, sending a message of prayer and hope and making each guest proud to be a Jew. Days later, the texts and emails still pour in:

“It was the height of professionalism while at the same time done with the utmost modesty.”

“Such Jewish refinement and such a powerful message. I know several people who were there who felt that the message of ‘Keep holding on’ was meant just for them.” pr bmr Forever 12 12 1516_ne_photo_stories2_651fa

“On the scale of one to ten, it was a ten plus. My wife text me while she was still on the bus going home. She couldn’t wait!”

“I’m handicapped and wasn’t able to make it. I heard about it from many people. I’m so glad that a DVD will be available.”

Bracha has been a friend of Ezer Mizion since she was a high school student when she created a show entitled With Lots of Love. Talented beyond belief in her ability to unite the audience, Bracha infuses each attendee with spiritual strength and a connection to Hashem, using mere musical notes and dance steps. Bracha’s ability to connect with others is enhanced by her position as an oncology nurse. Each day she deals with cancer patients-so many of them Jews- who lean on her strength as she helps them pray to Hashem, the Source of life itself.

Bracha’s message encompassed them all-every Jew who is hurting, every Jew who cares-in a circle of compassion and bmr forever 12 12 1516_ne_photo_stories1_c1211 The production benefited Ezer Mizion’s International Bone Marrow Registry, the largest Jewish registry in the world. The audience viewed clips of Jewish children whose lives were saved by Ezer Mizion in addition to those whose families still pray that a match be found before it’s too late. Each member of the audience joined Ezer Mizion in prayer that each and every child receive his transplant, enabling them to have a future, to marry and produce children…generations…forever.