Tzamid Afternoon Club for Special-Needs Children in Beit Shemesh

As the mother of a little girl with special needs, I had always heard about the afternoon clubs for special children that operated in the major cities, Jerusalem and Bnei Brak, and in my heart, I envied them. I had no idea that in my very own city of Beit Shemesh, just such an afternoon club operates under the auspices of Ezer Mizion, with the collaboration of the Beit Shemesh Municipality! Continue reading Tzamid Afternoon Club for Special-Needs Children in Beit Shemesh


Dr. Shlomo Elyashar, Deputy Director General Rehabilitation Services

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July 3, 2014
Dear Ezer Mizion Administration and all concerned,
Re: Day Camps and Sleep-away Camps Operated by Ezer Mizion
I hereby wish to express my admiration and appreciation to the administration of Ezer
Mizion for running retreats and day camps for special-needs individuals with dedication
and great professionalism, with deep responsibility and sincere empathy.
We regard you as a professional and strong entity that works on behalf of the specialneeds
population with a sense of mission, in the goal of improving their quality of life
and allowing their parents a much-needed break so that they can rally new strength for
the upcoming year, while enabling them to accord their full attention to the other family
These frameworks are geared to create a safe and protected environment for vulnerable
children and youth and to provide them with a fun-filled social climate offering a range
of activities that contribute much to their development.
The exemplary manner in which Ezer Mizion carries out this task achieves all its goals,
and for this you are deserving of all praise.
In addition, the massive network of volunteers available to the organization is actively
involved in this important work. The volunteers serve as one-on-one counselors for the
special campers and create a de facto integration into society and life systems, as well as
“accepting those who are different” with all that this acceptance entails.
It is exhilarating to see the joy on the glowing faces of the campers and the shining eyes
of the dedicated volunteers, who experience the wonder of giving through the experience
of acting as a volunteer counselor for a special-needs child.
The array of camps that you run is a story of true values, which contributes immeasurably
to the strength of our society in Israel.
Dr. Shlomo Elyashar
Deputy Director-General – Rehabilitation Services


A Special Thank You

To the wonderful organization, Ezer Mizion, and the esteemed supporters,

I want to thank and express my deep appreciation to Ezer Mizion, an organization that contributes so much to very many families coping with the challenge of raising a special child.

Ezer Mizion’s summer camp program is the long-awaited time of joy for my daughter Rachel Nechama. pr summerAll year long, Rachel Nechama, a Down’s Syndrome child, talks of Ezer Mizion. She waits breathlessly for the moment the next vacation will begin, and with it, Ezer Mizion’s unique summer retreat.

It fills her with so much joie de vivre enabling her to feel good about herself and progress further when the school year begins again. Continue reading A Special Thank You


My Son’s Oxygen

Wednesday, 22 Sivan, 5774
Dear Rabbi Chollak:

Thank You!

My son Oren, a 28-year-old boy with Down’s Syndrome, and we, his family, are familiar with Ezer Mizion and meet up with them twice a year – at the retreat for special-needs young adults and at the Simchat Beit Hasho’evah.

These two events are literally his oxygen supply. Continue reading My Son’s Oxygen


Vice-Mayor Shares his Feelings

Korim Elad – Daat Kahal

March 28, 2014


Angels in the City!

I would like to share with you an experience I had about two weeks ago. In between all my myriad daily distractions, I was moved to discover that there are people who quietly, quietly do holy work deserving of praise – like the Ezer Mizion club for special children.

The club in our area has bepr special 2013 amusement park 1638_ne_photo_7efacen functioning for 4 years now as a leisure-time framework for 24 children with special needs who come there straight from school. Continue reading Vice-Mayor Shares his Feelings



A hearty thank you to Ezer Mizion. The typical parent cannot imagine what our life is like. Each day, each minute revolves around our special child. At times it’s a medical issue. At times it is practical-like providing for his needs when the other children are clamoring for theirs. And sometimes it is financial.

pr general helping hand saving from drowningThe expenses can be overwhelming. We were desperate. We applied to the National Insurance Institute to get a Disability Allotment for our son. We presented our case in detail, confident that we would receive help. But we were shocked when our case came back: DENIED. Continue reading Denied!


Survival Mode

Survival mode. That’s the only way to describe it. When my daughter was out of the house, I lived normally. When she was home, it was all about getting from one minute to the next with the house, her siblings and my sanity usually less than more intact. Pandemonium reigned. Every day. My children hardly knew what it was like to live in a normal home. Invite friends over to study for a test? Absurd. pr mental illness Continue reading Survival Mode


For our Special Children the Clubs are Everything!

Dear devoted Ms. Menucha Finkelstein,
Director of the Ezer Mizion Activity Clubs,

You cannot appreciate the full extent of the need for some chesed organizations until you yourself need them.

If you never stood there, helpless and confused, because your child was lost –
How could you know what a lifesaver the Gamach for Lost Children is? Continue reading For our Special Children the Clubs are Everything!


Thank You to Those Who Understand

We want to express our heartfelt appreciation to the Shabbos Clubs staff, headed by Chani Agasi and Tehillah Cohen. With the greatest of dedication, they think of us, the parents who struggle with raising a special child throughout the week, and giving of their precious time, enable us to have a break on Shabbos – to rest, learn, and give attention to the rest of the family.

We know that Ezer Mizion – and Menucha in particular – spares no effort to make sure that everything will be done in the best possible way

At this opportunity, we also want to thank the staff of the “Friday afternoon” clubs and Yehudit Revach who heads the program, for the exciting activities, the warm attention and love they give our children during the pressured hours of Erev Shabbos.

Keep up your wonderful work!
Thank you,