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Mention Passover anytime in March and every family member’s blood pressure goes up. Each year it seems to be an insurmountable task even though we managed the year before. But what if this year is different from all other years? What if this year the family is coping with serious illness? What if everyone is running back and forth to the hospital? What if they are emotionally drained by fear and worry? Continue reading Overwhelmed!


The Other Side

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From the thoughts of Avi Sorias, an ambulance driver for Ezer Mizion

“Here,” says the young man from behind me. “At the right.”
From my place at the steering wheel, I glance at his image in the mirror. He sits there, limp and helpless, his head dropped back against the seat. His voice is soft, almost a whisper.
The vehicle, a modern Ezer Mizion ambulance, pulls up by a tall building. “Are you okay?” I ask the closed eyes behind me.
The young man, shaken, sharply pulls himself up in his seat, plastering a care-free smile on his gaunt face. “No,” he replies seriously, “but only you and I have to know that.”
He thanks me profusely for the ride, takes a deep breath, and steps out to the broad sidewalk.
The street is humming with people at this midday hour: Children are coming home from school, cheery preschoolers prance along with their colorful backpacks, busy parents rush along their way. A cat darts out from between the cars, startling a high-school girl leisurely walking home.
The young man continues along the path to the building. He stops a moment and glances at a large public bulletin board displaying freshly-pasted death notices announcing the demise of a special member of the community.
He scans it silently. I watch him and feel a stab of sadness, painfully aware of the thoughts running through his mind.
“He is so young,” I think to myself. “He has four little children at home. And so very little stands between him and a notice just like this one!” Continue reading The Other Side


Mental Health: Step by Step

In honor of Pesach: Occupational Rehabilitation Center participants, which also teaches life skills, prepared a gift for their Pesach hosts – an arrangement including a plant, chocolates and wine, alpr mental health Pesach gift 2013 1568_ne_related_content_a_pic_2581cong with a personal dedication.

At Ezer Mizion’s Mental Health Division, the Life Skills Center forms an integral part of the Occupational Rehabilitation project. Continue reading Mental Health: Step by Step


A Time to Rebuild

A Family Destroyed..A Family Rebuilt

pr support ADHD chainAmong Ezer Mizion’s many programs are its Awareness and Support Groups which empower those dealing with a range of difficulties with understanding of the disorder, practical means of coping and availability of assistance.

Last winter, Sara* and David* began attending a support group to learn how to deal with ADHD. Their six-year-old son had recently been diagnosed and they were anxious for tips. Continue reading A Time to Rebuild


Bar Mitzvah Celebration

What exactly is a Bar Mitzvah? The Hamui family have it right. Isaac and Marilyn Hamui inaugurated their son, Albert's entrance to adulthood with a trip to Ezer Mizion's Lottie's Kitchen to help pack food for families dealing with serious illness. Now that is truly an appropriate Bar Mitzvah celebration!
What exactly is a Bar Mitzvah? The Hamui family have it right. Isaac and Marilyn Hamui inaugurated their son, Albert’s, entrance to adulthood with a trip to Ezer Mizion’s Lottie’s Kitchen to help pack food for families dealing with serious illness. Now that is truly an appropriate Bar Mitzvah celebration!



CP and an Accident, Not a Good Mix

The Real Thing
The Real Thing

Hi  everyone!


Remember me? I’m the one with CP who got to go on that fantastic Ezer Mizion trip to the beach-this time not in my imagination but for real! Remember how I described how my counselor made things so great for me. He actually got me into the water. Waves crashing around me. The feel of the sand under me. Being able to touch the crest of the wave as it came to meet me. Not even my imagination-and remember, I have a great one- could have pictured what that felt like. So you understand how close I feel toward him. Nothing could keep me away from sharing his special moments. Nothing. So listen to what happened. Continue reading CP and an Accident, Not a Good Mix


A Special Purim

pr special Purim 2013Preparing for Purim with a special child home on vacation??! Impossible! Ezer Mizion volunteers took care of the problem with a trip to Jerusalem’s Bibical Zoo. One volunteer for each special child to be sure they had the absolutely bestest time ever.



Wheelchair Moms

Twenty five women in Petach Tikva dealing with raising children, marriage responsibilities, workplace issues…from their wheelchair. As a result of degenerative diseases, these women are imprisoned in a wheelchair. Their struggles are unimaginable to the typical mobile woman but these women understand each other very well.pr wheelchair gen 2 Thus was born Ezer Mizion’s Club for Young Wheelchair-Bound Women which has been functioning for over half a year. The club gives them an opportunity to meet other women in a similar situation, to share experiences, and to seek advice. Continue reading Wheelchair Moms


Purim Fun for Golden-Agers

Who says therapy has to be boring? At Ezer Mizion, therapy for the seniors is always fun especially around Purim time.pr Purim therapy for the elderly



Personality Disorders

A special lecture introducing the subject of “Personality Disorders” was hosted as part of a series on mental health issues coordinated by Ezer Mizion’s Mental Health Family Counseling Center that serves families with a mentally ill member.pr mental illness flower MB900445658 Co-sponsors of the series together with Ezer Mizion are Pa’amonei Tikvah and the Bnei Brak municipality. Continue reading Personality Disorders